Do Ghosts Exist?

The existence of ghosts is one of the most heavily debated topics in society today. Around 45% of Americans believe in ghosts and an around 20% say they’ve actually seen a ghost. The main reason why scientists don’t accept their existence is because there’s no solid evidence to support it. The immense amount of fake paranormal photos and videos also has a lot of people permanently skeptical.

While there is no evidence to clearly prove their existence, there’s no evidence to deny it, either. There’s just…nothing. It’s unclear when ghosts were first mentioned in society. They are mentioned in the Bible so it’s possible they’ve been discussed as long as humans have existed. They are sometimes traced back to ancient religions such as Babylon and ancient Egyptian Culture.

It’s clear that humans are fascinated by ghosts as their prevalence in pop culture is undeniable. Ghost sightings are reported daily to news stations and general tv. People gather around campfires to tell each other ghosts stories and writers have drawn inspiration from them for centuries.

Even scientists can’t agree on an answer. Many explanations have been suggested that seem to disprove their existence. Infrasound and our own mind playing tricks on us are some of the popular ones. I’m a skeptic myself and I tend not to believe things without evidence supporting it. However, I can’t deny it’s really interesting to humor the idea that there are paranormal entities wandering the same ground as us.

There are countless videos on the internet that seemingly capture these paranormal entities. Many of them are very clearly faked and poorly done. However, there are some out there that look so real, it may have even the most skeptical of people rethinking their stance in the debate. 

Maybe there’s a great belief in ghosts because people want to believe in life after death. Ghosts are usually discussed in the form of people who have died with the most popular sightings occurring in graveyards and churches. When people report these sightings, a lot of the time they describe them as a family member or friend who has passed away. Is this because our minds want these people to remain in our lives and create these entities that are not really there. Or is it because these people stay around us after they die to protect us. The picture above is a famous picture of an army mechanic called Freddy Jackson. What makes this strange is that Jackson was killed two days prior. Several people in this picture confirmed that this was indeed their late friend.

Now, obviously, there may be some other explanations to this picture, whether it’s real or fake, it’s without a doubt interesting.

No one can prove or deny their existence. It’s a debate that has lasted thousands of years and may last thousands more. The ambiguity surrounding ghosts is why they’re so compelling. While many people may hunt for answers, leaving the question up in the air is much more fascinating.


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