Is It Good To Fail?

There seems to be this blanket of shame that covers you when you fail at something. A lot of people do seem to look down on failure and see it as well, failing. 

I have a different view. In my opinion, failure is good. It’s good because if you’re smart there’s a lot you can learn from it. I believe it’s better to start a business, go broke and fail, struggle and fight back, than to just win the lottery. If you read into people who’ve won a lot of money for no work, often times the lose all of it by gambling it away or spending it on ridiculous things. Whereas, people who struggle to succeed and eventually break through are far better managing that money and keeping it, often turning into more. It’s because they’ve experienced how hard it is to earn that money in contrast to a lottery winner.

Would success really be that good if you didn’t fail beforehand? This ties into the last point where you fight back from failure. I’d imagine it’s much more satisfying to fail and come back rather than succeeding first try.

After all, failure is inevitable. You are going to fail at something in your life. In fact, you are going to fail at many things in your life, far more than you will succeed. If you lose the fear of failure, nothing can scare you. The fear of failure is what holds most people back in their life. If you lose that fear, there’s nothing you can’t achieve with persistence.


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