Would You Like To Be Immortal?

I’m sure we’ve all thought about this at some point. I’ve discussed previously how people generally fear death, so it’s natural we’d be interested in a scenario where that never happens.

But when you think about it, what are the actual benefits? Sure, you don’t fear death. That’s about it.

You are forced to watch as each and everyone you know dies off. Friends, family, everyone you meet will die and you’ll be left behind. There will reach a point where you won’t associate with anyone because of the pain you experience when you lose them.

You’d be a living freak in society. You would have no privacy as paparazzi, scientists and pretty much everyone will be hounding you all day, every day. There will come a time when you have fulfilled your purpose in life. You won’t have a job as you may not be physically capable of having one. Many people of the older generation are depressed after they retire as they feel they are worthless. This would be the case, only amplified.

Humans would move on and you’d be left in the dust. Evolution would continue while you’ll stay the same. Science and society would progress and you may be the source of many scientific experiments.

Let’s not forget, death is also a relief. Let’s say you became lost in a desert. If you can’t find your way out, death wouldn’t relieve you of your suffering. You’d be forced to find a way out or stay there forever. Or you feel down a well, that’d be horrible.

What do you think?



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