What Would You Change About The World?

There are many problems in the world, that goes without saying, but given the choice, what’s the one thing you’d change?

It’s a tough question because there are so many things. Some people would say world peace, great. Others would say end world hunger, fantastic. These are great ideas, but how long would it be before the thing that was changed would be unchanged. If you end world hunger, war would continue and that may lead to extreme poverty in some countries. If you achieve world peace, people would still be starving.

Here’s what I’d change. Apathy. Apathy is having no interest, concern, or emotion. Apathy is a serious, all be it , underlying issue today. People who say ‘I don’t care’ to problem are the reason these problems are continuing. If apathy were destroyed then maybe we’d make some serious changes to the world. We could easily en world hunger, enough food is mad every year to feed the planet but one third of it rots uneaten. 

A world without apathy is a world with progress.

What do you think?


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