Are We Alone In The Universe?

Our solar system contains eight planets. R.I.P Pluto. So far, no life has been found on these planets and chances are there isn’t any. However, that’s just for one star. The sun is a star and there are hundreds of billions of stars in the universe. If we assume that each star contains the same number of planets, that’s a few trillion planets. 

Now, the age old question. Are we alone in the universe? Well, going of these figures I’d say we’d have to be pretty arrogant to assume that we are the only planet in the universe capable of harvesting intelligent life. Think about it, there could be another version of earth light years away asking the same question. After all, space is endless.

I hope we aren’t the only intelligent life in the universe. The thought of being the only intelligent life forms in the entire universe is quite….depressing?

What do you think?


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