Do People Have The Right To Die?

Do people have the right to die? In my opinion, yes they do. The main argument against it is that if someone says they want to die, they’re clearly not in a healthy mindset to make a decision like that. This is certainly the case sometimes, but not always. I always think of Maggie Fitzgerald in the film ‘Million Dollar Baby’ when she decides she wants to die rather than living her life paralyzed. It wasn’t a split second decision. I’m sure she thought extremely carefully about it. I’m sure that anybody that seriously contemplates taking their own life has thought it through thousands of times.

I remember watching a Bill Burr stand-up bit in which he told the story of a man diagnosed with cancer. Instead of letting the cancer kill him the man chose to jump out of a helicopter. If there’s a way to die, that’s it. You have the right to live life on your own terms. That includes death. Death is a fundamental part of life after all. Everything that lives must die. If you’re going to die anyway, why not die the way you want to die? 

I’m not promoting suicide in any way. But I’m not bashing it either. People say it’s selfish to commit suicide. That’s the belief in Western culture anyway. In Japan, it was considered an honorable death for a Samurai to stab himself with his sword. If everybody has the right to live, surely they must have the right to die.

What do you think?


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