Is Democracy Good?

Abraham Lincoln defined democracy as ‘Government of the people, by the people, for the people.’ The word ‘Democracy’ comes from the Greeks, meaning ‘rule by the people.’ Roughly 64% of the world’s countries operate under a democracy. Making it the most popular form of government. But is it good?

Well, Socrates, perhaps the most influential philosopher of all time, despised democracy. The problem he had was he couldn’t understand why people who were not well educated were fit to decide who can run a country. 

If you think about it. Who would listen to rather listen to about medical advice, a doctor, or a random person off the street, I think we’d all rather a doctor. This is the point Socrates was trying to make. If you needed a certain level of education in order to vote, would Donald Trump have been elected? Would Hillary Clinton have been elected instead? Or would neither of them?

Of course, many people believe countries like America are not a democracy. Some people believe it to be an Aristocracy, a country where rich people dominate. While it’s true that the top 2-3% hold the majority of the wealth, they don’t hold more votes.

Whatever way you look at it, democracy is not perfect, nothing is. But there must be something better. What do you think?



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